Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3’s release date is swiftly approaching. Nintendo has been going all out with this exclusive title, and they keep on revealing more and more content for the game.

Four new playable Marvel characters were revealed today. Ghost Rider rode in on his flaming motorcycle, but it’s sadly unlikely he will be voiced by Nicolas Cage. Elektra is back with a vengeance and will probably have a lot of synergy with Daredevil. If you squint, Luke Cage is also featured in a group shot. Interestingly, the fourth character revealed is a bit more obscure. Elsa Bloodstone, a monster hunter who is a huge fan of rifles and shotguns, will join the cast. This will likely be the first time a lot of casual fans learn about her. Several new villains were shown off during the trailer, including Hela, who was recently portrayed by Cate Blanchet in Thor Ragnarok.

More interestingly, though, Nintendo announced a special expansion pass for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. Content from Marvel Knights, the Fantastic Four, and X-Men will be later added to the game after launch. It’s unknown exactly which characters will come with the pass. That said, we’ll likely receive all four of the Fantastic Four, and Cyclops and Colossus will probably come with the X-Men pass. Marvel Knights is a bit different, as that is Marvel’s more adult-oriented line, so it’s likely Jessica Jones will make an appearance with that pass.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 plans to come out on July 19.

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