Marvelous Games today released a series of mysterious tweets. Featuring either an analogue or digital clock, it seems to indicate that an announcement may be made in the next 24 hours. What this announcement may include remains to be seen, but there is speculation that this may be news of a localization of Senran Kagura 2.

27hours44minutes32 seconds…

— Marvelous Games (@marvelous_games) March 9, 2015

20hours46minutes48seconds… #YouWantAClue?

— Marvelous Games (@marvelous_games) March 9, 2015

Senran Kagura is  video game series developed by Japanese developer Tamsoft, and published by Marvelous. It has also spawned a series of manga and anime adaptations. The franchise revolves and factions of all-female ninjas. In the first game, Master Hanzo convinces the shinobi warriors of Senran Kagura to cook for him by holding a cooking competition. The prize is a Secret Ninja Art Scroll which grants the winner one wish. 

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