Pokémon Unite insists it is a ‘strategic team battle game,’ not just a MOBA

Pokémon Unite strategic team battle game MOBA Masaaki Hoshino new details no release date

Recently Japanese outlet Dime interviewed Masaaki Hoshino about new details on Pokémon Unite, which have since been shared by industry analyst Daniel Ahmad. Among other details, the developers are really emphasizing that it’s a “strategic team battle game” as opposed to just a MOBA, and the game is targeting young and old, new and existing fans of Pokémon alike. The game has no decided upon release date yet.

One of the most interesting new details on Pokémon Unite from this interview relates to audience. In Japan and China, the MOBA genre is apparently already very popular with gamers on mobile devices. The Switch version meanwhile is expected to appeal more to Western gamers.

Finally, while the game isn’t going to have an esports league built around it for launch, the potential is there. It could become an established esport should the player base decide to take it in that direction. Hoshino explained how the company is open to running tournaments similar to those they’ve run before with Pokkén Tournament.

Nobody expected the Pokémon Unite announcement and how much of a MOBA it is. While it may not be a traditional Pokémon game, it could serve as a way to diversify the IP, making it more appealing to mobile gamers.


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