Masahiro Sakurai cat Among Us crewmate devil horns picture Twitter photo suspicion Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Sora from Kingdom Hearts finally arrived in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which means the grand saga of new characters, Fighters Passes, and DLC has come to an end at last. And probably no one is more relieved than Masahiro Sakurai that the epic journey of Smash Bros. has reached its conclusion. Case in point, this morning, Sakurai shared a picture on Twitter of his cat hanging out with a crewmate from Among Us that has devil horns. Translator Christina Rose provided a translation of the tweet, where Masahiro Sakurai jokes that he is free to post whatever picture he wants now and that a photo of an Among Us character will not rouse “suspicion” anymore now that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is complete.

Naturally, prior to the reveal of Sora for Smash, the Nintendo fandom would have exploded with opinions and speculation to see Sakurai’s cat hanging out with an Among Us character (no matter how stupid it is to base speculation off of a man’s cat pictures). But now, everyone can just cheer Sakurai on as he posts whatever silly picture to Twitter that he wants, whether it’s Among Us or something else. Personally, I’m still fond of the time that Sakurai’s cat became a devastating boss in Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit.


John Friscia
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