Masahiro Sakurai cat Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Velan Studios Sakurai cat photo demon beast cat

Since the launch of Velan Studios’ Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit last week, players have quickly realized that playing the game comes with an unexpected obstacle: pets. Cats especially are liable to either be spooked by the Mario and Luigi karts racing across the living room — or enticed to get a closer look. Super Smash Bros. series creator Masahiro Sakurai’s cat falls into the latter category, it seems, as Sakurai posted a cat photo to Twitter the other day. More specifically, it’s a Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit screenshot of his cat getting up close and personal with Mario. The Google Translate version of Sakurai’s text jokingly describes the cat as a “demon beast.”

Demon beast or not, Masahiro Sakurai has an adorable cat, and pets make for a hilarious new dynamic challenge.

Have you bought Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, or are you planning to do so by the holidays? Personally, I’ve bought a Luigi set as a Christmas gift, but I don’t really have the time or the space to play around with it myself. Space, the $99.99 price tag, and the requirement to buy two sets and have two Nintendo Switches for two-player gameplay all make for higher barriers to entry than normal. But for families who can jump through those hoops, this seems like a pretty fun experience.


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