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On episode 3 of the discussion between Masahiro Sakurai and Katsuhiro Harada at Harada’s Bar, the two discussed several smaller topics, many of them stemming from questions asked on Twitter, such as questions of Sakurai’s health and the secret of his eternal youth (or how he maintains such a youthful appearance, anyway). The answers were light and underwhelming, but here they are!

The mundane truth of Masahiro Sakurai’s health and youth

Many fans were concerned about Masahiro Sakurai’s health due to how hard he works on the Super Smash Bros. series — and probably because of that old story about requiring an IV drip to get through development of Ultimate. Sakurai and Harada did not discuss the IV drip though. Instead, Sakurai just talked about his shoulder. He said, “There was a time where I had a problem with my shoulder. … It was years ago and it’s fine now.” He actually had calcific tendinitis, and he explained, “When I got an X-ray I saw these lime water-looking rice grains in there.” However, the doctor didn’t recommend surgery for it; it went away with time, though it took a while. Right now, he just deals with dry eyes.

Next, on the subject of how Masahiro Sakurai still has so much youth in his face, he said, “Man, I’ve really had moments where I feel like I’ve gotten older though. Well, if there’s any sort of secret maybe it’s being careful not to be exposed to the sun.” Likewise, he avoids convertible cars these days.

One more issue of merit, Sakurai answered a fan’s question about what the difference is between a game director and a game producer. He said, “To put it simply, a director is someone who supervises; he thinks about all the contents in a game and delivers instructions to the staff. A producer manages the money and other things to operate the team.” However, he conceded that the difference between director and producer can differ dramatically depending on the creators and the company, so there isn’t actually one steadfast definition.

Now you know all about Masahiro Sakurai’s health and youth. You can watch the full episode for more fun little insights. Also, check out our (lengthier) summarizations of the previous two Harada’s Bar episodes. In episode 1, Sakurai revealed that water makes him sick and horror games don’t scare him, among other things. In episode 2, he discussed cars, alcohol intolerance, earthquakes, the urge to quit or retire, and his approach to game design.


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