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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stole the Tokyo Game Show this past week, winning several awards. These include the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award, the Best Sales Award, the Global Award for Japanese Product, and even the Grand Award. Lead designer and Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai was on hand to accept these prizes on behalf of his team.

Sakurai is a household name among Nintendo fans, as is the late Satoru Iwata. Sakurai gave some praise to his former boss in his acceptance speech. Here’s a translation courtesy of NintendoSoup, which it must be stressed has a shaky history with accurate translations, but the “final/last mission” aspect is corroborated by a trusted translator:

I am thankful for receiving such a tremendous award today. (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) has achieved many things up till this day. For example, the game has become Nintendo’s fastest selling software.

And of course around the world and in Japan, we have received great responses from the “new challenger” teaser videos. In addition to that, we have included so much content in the game that we have made a record-breaking amount of IP collaborations never seen before. Thus, at this time, we are making more DLC for the game.

Besides all I have mentioned, I have to share with you how the game has personally affected me. The act of creating Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch is, to me, accomplishing my “final mission” for late Nintendo President Satoru Iwata. I can’t say whether he is happy about it in the other world, because once someone passes on, that’s it. There is something I learned from Iwata-san – “What you can do now, do it at your fullest potential”. That phrase remains very important to me.

This is a touching tribute to one of Nintendo’s most beloved figures. It brings tears to my eyes to know that one of my favorite games is considered Sakurai’s “final mission” from Iwata.

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