Masahiro Sakurai Confirm Button

Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai didn’t reveal any Pyra and Mythra details in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine, but he took the opportunity to share his thoughts about the recent change in confirm button with PlayStation 5.

The rightmost A button for Nintendo consoles and the circle button for PlayStation has always been the “confirm” or “action” button in Japan. However, for the first time since the very original PlayStation, the PS5 has introduced a globally unified layout. That means X is now the confirm button across all regions. Overall, Japanese fans weren’t happy with the change. Sakurai put in his own two cents from a creator’s standpoint in his Famitsu column.

Here are highlights from Masahiro Sakurai’s column about changing the confirm button (via ryokutya2089):

  • (Sakurai on changing the confirm button) “You can’t just suddenly change something that people have been accustomed to for a while. If you think about the people it might trouble, then the proper thing to do as a developer is to support both.”
  • “The consumers feel they have no choice but to adapt to the current situation.”
  • “As a video game maker, I believe that it’s something we must care about with the utmost courtesy.”
  • “When you’re not able to do the obvious thing, it becomes stressful.”


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