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Portuguese retailer GamingReplay briefly had a listing for Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered today for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, as relayed by Nibel on Twitter. While the listing was taken down swiftly, Gematsu pinned down an archived version of the page. The page really offers little beyond an apparently old logo, but it certainly fuels speculation that an announcement from publisher EA and developer BioWare may come in the near future.

Back in May, Venture Beat’s Jeff Grubb reported that an HD version of the trilogy was in the works but that we shouldn’t expect it to launch on Nintendo Switch at the same time as on other platforms, if it releases on Switch at all. If there is any validity to the GamingReplay listings, perhaps that has since changed.

With a title like Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered, one would expect the BioWare games to receive HD remasters that pretty up the visuals a bit but don’t radically alter the overall experience in any way. This would make sense, as producing three full-scale remakes of already vast games sounds like it would be quite the investment for EA.

Since there is yet another Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase tomorrow, the stars could align for an announcement there, but it’s at least just as likely that this is merely coincidental timing.

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