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Fall Guys is enjoying an electric first month on PlayStation 4 and PC, fueled heavily by its free status on PlayStation Plus. If the fast start is anything to go off of, this wacky and colorful mix of platforming and battle royale has a bright future ahead of it – one that may even include ports to other platforms, like the Switch. That’s not what Mediatonic, the dev team behind Fall Guys, has in mind right now, though. Instead, they want to solidify the foundation that they’ve already built by making their game as strong as possible on its current platforms. Check out what Joe Walsh, the game’s lead game designer, had to say on the topic in a stream recently hosted by Star Wars: Rogue One writer Gary Whitta.

Right now our real focus is on making the PlayStation and PC games as good as they possibly can be. We really have to build trust with the community now and make sure they believe that we can support this game and make it really good.

So it’s our job now to be like, hey community – we know what you want and we’re listening and we’re working as hard as we can to try and fix it, and for us to just say, ‘now we’re going to just focus on bringing it to more platforms’, it’s not the right thing to do at this point in development.

That will make us more money, but that’s not what we want to do right now. The focus is on building that relationship with the community.

So, while other platforms could be in the future for Fall Guys, they don’t seem to be in the cards right away. Hopefully, Mediatonic takes all the time they need to make the game as great as it can be – after that, though, I’d love to see Fall Guys release on Switch.


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