The internet can be a wonderful place. You can research your family history, or even send a bag of dicks anonymously through the mail. And, at any given point, you can access and share knowledge through various platforms. This accessibility, though, often turns something you might find sultry or funny between a few friends into something bigger than itself. That, of course, is what brought me to discover the what and who Bowsette was.

As I started doing my research (yes, I’ll call it research) I found that the internet is littered with fan mockups of the character. In short, the phenomenon is a take on the lore found in the world of Super Mario Bros. The trailer for the most recent Nintendo Direct depicts Toadette grabbing a mushroom in Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, transforming into a modified Princess Peach character. However, this simple move has caused waves to form across the gaming community.

So, if Toadette grabs the crown mushroom she turns into, Peachette? Okay. What about Bowser?

Bowser has managed to weasel his way into just about every mainline villain role in the Super Mario franchise. His general design is that of an evil character. But, the internet is demanding answers to one of the most important, if not the most important questions of the year:

What happens if Bowser were to grab the crown mushroom?!

Well, the internet has once again delivered. And, after extensive research (yes, I’m still referring to it as research. Extensive. Research.) we now have an answer for what exactly a Bowsette figure might look like.  Simply searching the hashtag #Bowsette on Twitter can lead you to a number of different depictions.

While a number of these images are NSFW, most of the designs and mockups generally fit the Super Mario lore. The character is designed much like the other characters in the series, and just kind of works. If you think that would be a silly thing for Nintendo to add, just remember Waluigi still exists despite what Nintendo wants you to think.

Feature image credit: @kuroko_14

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