If you are an Eevee lover and live in Japan you are in for a real treat. The Pokémon Company announced today it is bringing back the popular oh-so-cute Meet and Greets with Eeeve Mascots at nine different Pokémon Centers across the country.

After the success of their very popular Project Eevee: Mofu Meet events, they decided to bring it back with a twist. This time instead of fans lining up to meet one they will have two mascots on hand so the lines move faster and more people get a chance to pose, take pics, and meet Eevee. There are rules however when it comes to interacting with the mascots.


  1. Wash your hands before the event.
  2. Please don’t make loud noises or shout, as Eevee can get easily frightened.
  3. Eevee can’t eat food and drink consumed by humans, so please don’t feed Eevee.
  4. When caressing Eevee, please gently stroke Eevee’s neck fur. Please do not pull Eevee’s fur or touch its face, ear, butt, or any other part of Eevee’s body. Please don’t frighten Eevee.
  5. Please do not touch your mouth when touching Eevee. It’s unhygienic.

Participants who don’t follow the rules will be asked to leave.

Here is a list of where you can get up and close with the Eevee Mascots :

  • Pokémon Center Fukuoka
  • Pokémon Center Hiroshima
  • Pokémon Center Nagoya
  • Pokémon Center Yokohama
  • Pokémon Center Tokyo Bay
  • Pokémon Center Skytree Town
  • Pokémon Center Tokyo DX
  • Pokémon Center Tohoku
  • Pokémon Center Sapporo

It’s a super cute idea, but no word yet on whether this event is coming to the Nintendo NY store. The event runs from now until November so whether you live there or plan on heading to Japan for a trip, fans have time to participate. With Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee and Let’s Go Pikachu on the way out it seems like a perfect event.

Also important to note is if you show them the special hashtag on Twitter or Instagram during the event days you can walk away with one of the three Eevee bromide postcards. What do you think of this idea? Will you participate? Let us know and feel free to share your pictures with us if you do!


Tarah Bleier


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