Mega Man 1-11: The Collection vinyl set Laced Records music soundtrack

If you love Mega Man and vinyl records, maybe you better sit on a toilet seat while you read this news. Mega Man 1-11: The Collection, a 6-disc vinyl record set containing 152 music tracks from across the 11 mainline games, is now available for preorder from Laced Records. Have you emptied your bowels yet? Okay, good. Now let’s keep talking.

Unfortunately, not every single song from each game is included, but every song from the first three Mega Man games is there at least. I will say that the absence of Bright Man and Wave Man music is an egregious mistake that I’ll never forgive, but I guess nobody’s perfect. At least you can hear that stuff on Spotify.

All iterations of this classic Capcom franchise are known for rocking and memorable tunes, and many composers have left their own distinctive mark at this point. Some games ultimately have a better soundtrack than others, but it’s pretty hard to point to a game in the series and say, “Oh, yeah, the music was pretty meh in that one.”

Mega Man 1-11: The Collection will ship this December and costs $110.00, so it’s a perfect Christmas gift for mega fans and, honestly, something everyone else should ignore.

Will you be preordering it? Personally, I do love Mega Man more than any other game character, but I’m not much of a vinyl collector.


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