Mega Man Battle Network 20th anniversary Capcom licensing partners 2021 Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection

With its unique and addictive gameplay on the wildly accessible Game Boy Advance, Mega Man Battle Network was a big hit for Capcom. In fact, the two versions of Battle Network 4 collectively are the top-selling Mega Man title of all time (sansĀ Mega Man 2 after digital) at 1.35 million units sold. So it makes good sense that Capcom is currently undergoing preparations for the 20th anniversary of this franchise in 2021. Via Rockman Corner, Capcom Japan is reportedly seeking licensing partners to produce toys, apparel, special events, and other consumer goods for the anniversary.

No announcements regarding video games were made, but it’s worth noting that Mega Man X Legacy Collection released for the 25th anniversary of Mega Man X, an event Capcom also celebrated. It is at least possible that the highly requested “Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection” could become a reality for next year. Additionally, there was a credible report last December that a Battle Network mobile game is in development, but no further news of such a thing has come since then.

So basically, there isn’t a lot of concrete news to get fans jumping on their feet in a frenzy quite yet. But at the very least, the 20th anniversary is looking promising — mega promising.


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