Mega Man Battle Network 4.5: Real Operation English translation Capcom

In a better, brighter age, Mega Man proliferated bountifully across the earth in a hundred (give or take) sprawling subseries from Capcom. The more obscure titles often did not even reach America. Among them is Rockman EXE 4.5 Real Operation from 2003, an odd duck in the Mega Man Battle Network series for Game Boy Advance. Now, The Rockman EXE Zone has produced a full English translation for the game, dubbing it Mega Man Battle Network 4.5: Real Operation, so we can finally understand what it is we’ve been missing.

Unlike typical Battle Network games, Real Operation forgoes the story elements and totally remixes gameplay. Instead of controlling a Navi during battle, you are the operator; you just issue general commands and feed your Navi Battle Chips. Then you hope for the best as your Navi goes to battle. Real Operation even makes use of an actual Battle Chip Gate Game Boy accessory that was on sale at the time, which let you use physical real-life Battle Chips. That won’t be an option for players who opt to play on PC, of course.

The Rockman EXE Zone details the following features of their high-quality English localization:

  • A North American and European patch, each with their own title screen and minor differences.
  • A fully localized Instruction Booklet in the same style as the other games!
  • A North American boxart for the game.
  • An Upgrade Patch for the Japanese version of the game, which backports all our bugfixes.
  • A translated interview with the development team from the Rockman EXE4.5 official strategy guide.
  • Starter save files for those who just want to play with their favorite NetNavi.

The tweet below shows the extraordinary Mega Man Battle Network 4.5: Real Operation fan-made box art and instruction booklet, which look virtually indistinguishable from a real Capcom product.

The internet is full of fan translations of famous games and anime, and the quality of a lot of it is shoddy to say the least. Mega Man Battle Network 4.5: Real Operation is looking like a professional production though, similar in effort to the Mother 3 fan translation. And since Capcom is one of the few companies that is strangely cool with fans hacking their old games like crazy, it’s unlikely they’ll intervene here. It’s a good day for Mega Man fans.

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Alternatively, take a look at what Real Operation looks like in English courtesy of ShadowRockZX.

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