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Tokyo TV in Japan recently got to interview various designers involved in the creation of Capcom’s Mega Man Battle Network series, including Masakazu Eguchi (inspiration for the “Mr. Famous” character), illustrator Yuji Ishihara, designer Tomonori Hashinaga, series producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya, and others. Rockman Corner has an (admittedly rough) translation of the interview, which is broken into two parts. It reveals a few new details, such as the fact that the team was working on a horror game for Game Boy Advance with a built-in sensor that detects human fear before ultimately segueing into what became Battle Network. (I’d like to learn more about that!) But the interview also talks about what the designers think of the possibility of a new sequel in this unique Mega Man franchise.

In the first place, it’s actually hard for Eguchi to imagine a new Mega Man Battle Network because technology has advanced so much since the original games were made. Having to physically plug in to connect to a network or getting involved in a classic BBS bulletin board are not common now. Wi-Fi and social media have taken over. Eguchi further says, “You could say that ‘society’ was the main subject but we’re shifting into an age where the ‘individual’ is the main subject. The future each of them visualize is different from the others. It’s a very hard problem to be able to summarize or compile that in the world of a game.”

But could a new game happen anyway? The Capcom designers share the following:

Tsuchiya: Each series has its own fans, and I’ve heard a lot of voices asking for sequels. There’s no rule that says “we’re not going to make any sequels of this game”. However, were (sic) are proud of Rockman EXE being top contents back in the day, and shallow ideas aren’t the answer to the avid voices. To make a sequel, we’d need careful ideas and preparations, the trends of the age, and whether the market is ripe for it… We need all of these factors to be perfectly on our side(.)

Eguchi: There are some parts that were due to coincidences, but since we’re being told that “you predicted the future”, these games did satisfy expectations. Overcoming those components is no easy task. We must overcome our imagination as we meet up with the expectations. If conditions for us to be so confident happen, then there might be a chance(.)

So, it sounds like they’re leaving the door open, at the very least. That’s good, considering that Protodude of Rockman Corner has outright said that a Mega Man Battle Network mobile game is in development, though Capcom has yet to announce anything official on the subject.

Regardless of a potential mobile game, would you be down for a Mega Man Battle Network 7 on Nintendo Switch?


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