Mega Man: Chaos Protocol Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost is celebrating its one-year anniversary. Among other things, the team recently announced a new Mega Man event coming to the mobile RPG. However, they didn’t reveal anything more than the name, promising that more details would come on Oct. 1. Well, the first is here, and they’ve given us a few tantalizing details about “Mega Man: Chaos Protocol.” In his “This Month in Dragalia Lost” blog post, director Yuji Okada had this to say about the event:

The Mega Man event is scheduled to occur at the the end of November.

In it, you’ll be able to add Mega Man to your team as a temporary adventurer. You can increase your friendship with him by clearing quests with him on your team. If your friendship with him reaches a certain level, he’ll remain your ally even after the event ends.

The way Mega Man moves and attacks is based on his own games. Even the animations for when he takes damage or when his HP reaches 0 are call backs to his series!

We’ll have more to share about his skills and shapeshifting capabilities in future notices, but trust me when I say, they will be…distinctly “Mega Man”…

You’ll join Mega Man in fighting against the Greatwyrms, who will have special behavior for this event. But why the Greatwyrms? Well, a certain someone has come to the world of the Dragalia Lost…

But we’re not spilling those beans yet! You’ll just have to look forward to the event to find out exactly who this is.

You’ll also be able to get event-specific items, wyrmprints, and weapons. There’ll also be event-specific music!

So Mega Man: Chaos Protocol event is coming sooner than winter, and it will be an early Christmas present just for me. Thank you, Mr. Okada. You shouldn’t have!

In addition, there are lots of details about other goodies heading to Dragalia Lost. Are you excited for the upcoming Mega Man: Chaos Protocol event? Have you been enjoying the first anniversary content currently going on in Dragalia Lost? Let us know!

Update: New details on the crossover about Mega Man and his unique abilities are finally here!


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