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We reported on a half-real, half-April Fools’ Day joke new demo for fan game Super Mario Flashback today, but the fan game news doesn’t end there. Announced just a little while ago in March, Mega Man Perfect Blue is a brand new Mega Man fan game with all-new art assets and is not a ROM hack of any Capcom classic. Indeed, there is a vast universe of fan games for the Blue Bomber at this point, but this one headed by RRThiel stands out with its uniquely styled Mega Man and distinct color palette. Mega Man Perfect Blue doesn’t strive to be utterly faithful to NES processing limits; it’s purely its own beast.

Take a look at its announcement trailer.

Obviously, the highlight of the trailer is the reveal that Roll is playable and uses her broom as a melee weapon. Basically, Roll is Zero — and that’s awesome. Aside from that, you can see the weapons in Mega Man Perfect Blue look pretty powerful and dramatic, not just throwaway stuff. Plus, the game displays how much damage you’re dealing directly on screen, removing guesswork on what’s effective and by how much. Everything about this game looks great so far.

According to the trailer’s YouTube description, they are prepping four Robot Masters’ worth of content, meaning half that of a full Capcom release, but that’s fine. When you’re dealing with a free fan game, there’s no room to complain. And the best part of all is that, as all the fans know, Capcom is famously chill with fans making free games out of its various properties, so there’s virtually no danger of this game being pulled down.

It’s full steam ahead for Mega Man Perfect Blue and RRThiel’s team. We’ll keep you posted on a release date for this project.


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