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I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating: Mega Man doesn’t have the largest video game fan base, but it probably has the most hardcore fan base. Except for maybe Sonic the Hedgehog, I can’t think of any other game franchise that has so many fan games created for it, whether a ROM hack or built from scratch. Mega Man Slide from Rishy Monga (Rishy 97) is the latest hand-crafted fan game to be revealed, and due to its beautiful visual aesthetic, I think Capcom would be proud of this one. Have a look at its reveal trailer. (Thanks, Rockman Corner.)

As you can see, Mega Man Slide remixes familiar franchise elements in a fun way. Among other things, the level is for Pump Man from Mega Man 10, Mega Man uses Block Man’s power from Mega Man 11, and we get a tease at what seems to be a mid-level boss fight with a Bass who’s been infected by an extra-mad Dr. Wily.

But ultimately, it’s those high-quality visuals that have me so excited. Mega Man Slide is an attractive video game — fan game or not. This fun project from Rishy Monga is definitely worth keeping your eye on while we wait for news of new official Capcom entries. At the least, fans are keeping their fingers crossed for something new from Battle Network.


John Friscia
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