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This year’s Tokyo Game Show offered plenty for Mega Man fans to get them excited for the Blue Bomber’s upcoming 11th game. The event included plenty of swag, booth girls, and playable demos of Mega Man 11 itself, which is called Rockman 11: Gears of Fate!! in Japan.

It also offered celebrity appearances!

“Don’t touch the merchandise.”

Of course, being the athletic robot he is, Mega Man could not possibly have gotten to the convention by car. Not only does Mega Man’s commute keep him fit, but it also keeps him absolutely stylin’.

Japanese bicycle company Khodaa Bloom debuted its Rockman-themed road bike earlier this year to commemorate the Blue Bomber’s 30th anniversary. So, naturally, it was going to make an appearance at this year’s TGS.

Decked out in Mega Man’s trademark blues and stamped with “DRN. 001,” Khodaa Bloom’s bicycle isn’t just for show but also for plenty of go. Retailing at approximately $2,700, the company calls this tricked-out two-wheeler “the world’s lightest aluminum racing bike,” weighing in at only 7.8 kilograms, or just a hair above 17 pounds.

To add to Mega Man’s aerodynamic good looks, the annual convention also offered a peek at the jerseys for the promotion’s three fictional (or, are they?) competing racing teams. Would any road riders out there love to get in one of these before heading out on a metric century? It sure beats a boring old jersey from the local sporting goods store.

Catching more air than Air Man

Mega Man’s style wasn’t restricted to the road bicycle realm, however. Do you think Tony Hawk would get jealous if he saw you doing a 720-degree Ollie North tricky skid off the side of a playground wall on one of these beasts? Silly question. Of course he would.

But no skateboarder worth their salt would be satisfied with just an excellent-looking board that pays tribute to a bonafide classic. You might need an Energy Tank to recover from this.

I want to buy it all

Is anyone else checking their bank accounts to see if they have enough to import any of this stuff? Seriously, Kirby-themed cafes and Mega Man-themed bicycles and skateboards. I love Japan.

Of course, all of this stuff is to promote Mega/Rockman‘s long-awaited return to gaming prominence with the upcoming release of his 11th mainline adventure. That drops Oct. 2 around the world, with an Oct. 4 release set for Japan only.

Did you attend this year’s Tokyo Game Show? Was the Rockman 11 bicycle the highlight of the event, or was there somehow something cooler? Share your thoughts in the comments!

[Photos: Niero Gonzalez]

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