Mega Man X 1-8: The Collection 8 LP vinyl set preorder Laced Records Capcom Mega Man X soundtrack music

Last year, we reported on the Mega Man 1-11: The Collection vinyl set from Laced Records, and apparently that must have worked out pretty well because it’s back for more. Laced Records has announced that Mega Man X 1-8: The Collection is available for preorder now and will ship this September. It includes a whopping 210 remastered tracks from Capcom’s eight mainline Mega Man X titles, spread out over eight LPs colored yellow and purple. That’s a lot of music.

The lengthy track listing for Mega Man X 1-8: The Collection contains most of the music you’re likely to care about from the franchise. It’s really just X7 and X8 that receive the short end of the stick for number of song selections, whereas all the others have a pretty wide range of songs, perhaps even the entire soundtracks in some cases. Particularly, I’m glad that Mega Man X6 has most or all of its music included, as that game’s soundtrack had no right being so good compared to the oddball gameplay it was attached to.

The Mega Man franchise is known for rockin’ music in general, and the X franchise only delivers even more of that. Mega Man X 1-8: The Collection on vinyl is a treat for hardcore fans of the Capcom franchise for sure — if you have $145.00 handy.


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