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Capcom Taiwan has revealed Mega Man X DiVE, a new X series entry for iOS and Android mobile devices. Its short announcement trailer provides a helpful in-video description of “Fighting with Hunter Progarm.” The YouTube video English description is infinitely more beautiful, reading like a poem:

Deep Log
The digital world where “MEGAMEN X Series Game” was stored.
Also the memory of “You” as a player….

“Deep Log” appears abnormal for unknown reasons
All stages, Maverics ,all the characters from “MEGAMEN X Series” are all mixed up because of game errors.

Come! Players
Get into the Deep Log
Beat the Maverics and get the game data repaired.

With that integral and extremely comprehensible information in mind, you are now ready to watch the Mega Man X DiVE trailer:

Okay, so the English really isn’t much to go off of, but it sounds like the story will involve recycling/remixing classic X series levels and mavericks (bosses). Watching the Mega Man X DiVE trailer gives a few more clues. The numbers displaying with damage suggest an action RPG aspect of some kind, though the snippets of gameplay otherwise look in line with a typical X game. And the levels and enemies displayed seem pretty clearly taken from the original X game.

In any case, while some will be horribly disappointed by this new announcement from Capcom Taiwan, it leaves me optimistic. Capcom is acknowledging that Mega Man X still has life of some kind in it, beyond being recycled for overall great collections. And testing the waters in a place like Taiwan is a sensibly low-risk proposition. Although, I am surprised to see Mega Man back on mobile devices after Rockman Xover never seemed to find much footing in Asia.

I want to say Mega Man X DiVE puts us ultimately one step closer to Mega Man X9, and at the end of the day, isn’t this what it’s all about?

There is no release window or plans for international release yet.


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