Hello one and all! My name is Jason and I am the new features editor here at Nintendo Enthusiast. From here on, I promise to bring you some cool thoughts, opinions, and geeky culture from the Nintendo-side of the video game industry. There are a lot of cool Nintendo bits and pieces out there for me to bring to you guys, so I hope you enjoy some of the new content heading your way.

The following is going to be a weekly feature. It will bring video game music to the focal point. Gaming music has always been a passion of mine and I truly believe that soon it will take over mainstream. My job is to bring this – from the most obscured to the popular tracks – to your ears, as they truly are some of the coolest sounds in our time. These will be songs that you definitely hummed during your time playing some of the coolest Nintendo games. I will also delve deeper into the realm of Nintendo music, and even outside it every now and then.

Song: Overworld Theme

We have all heard this song before. This is the tune most NES fans remember hearing when they booted up Super Mario Bros. for the first time. It was that song, written and performed by Koji Kondo, that really took the adventures tone into major effect. The beat was simple, yet catchy. Not only has it spawned so many remixes and remakes, but has become one of the most recognizable songs in the video game industry. Many were mere children when they first heard the theme song that played for each outside stage.

In an interview with 1up.com, Kondo was asked if a catchy song like that could be created again here in the modern video game industry. Kondo replies: “Personally, I think the effort in trying to create a song that has such an impression on people is exactly the same as it was then – nothing has changed in that respect.”

The world responded hugely to video game music that it’s now becoming its own category. If you go to iTunes, you can now find game soundtracks, some of them even containing this jewel of video game music. Pandora also has video game music ranging from Final Fantasy to Call of Duty. Super Mario Bros. and its Overworld Theme is one of the biggest stepping stones that video game music has seen.

For the next song, I will be finding something a little bit more obscure, but I know a lot of you fans have heard the song before. While it’s not as obscure as the Final Boss of Super Mario World, it’s still going to be a great hit with a lot of you!

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