Metal Max spinoff Metal Dogs Switch release date set for April in Japan

Metal Max‘s roguelite spinoff Metal Dogs is already available on PC via Steam, but its Switch and PlayStation 4 (PS4) versions just got a release date announcement in Japan. According to Kadokawa Games, both versions will launch in Japan on April 8, 2022. That’s a little past its initial release window of this winter but only by a couple of weeks.

Unlike the regular Metal Max games that are RPGs, Metal Dogs is a top-down 3D roguelite action game. However, the game takes place in a world after the destruction of humankind, so instead of humans, you play as three different dogs. There’s “Bell” the Doberman, “Pochi” the Shiba Inu, and “Bonanza” the Bulldog.

The pups use various weapons, including machine guns, cannons, missiles, and more, with the task of taking out monsters and enemy tanks. Metal Dogs also offers various weapons and armor to collect. There are random effects and various rarities for the gear, so there’s plenty to collect in the procedurally generated dungeons.

You can check out the gameplay from a PC version trailer below:

Metal Dogs is immediately available on PC and will be released for the Nintendo Switch and PS4 in Japan on April 8, 2022. The Switch and PS4 versions of Metal Dogs now have a release date in Japan, but we still don’t have a localization confirmed for the West. In any case, it is already available in English for the Steam version, so we’ll likely get it on consoles later.


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