Metapod sleep cot Metapod sleeping bag Pokémon merchandise

Metapod is one of the more forgettable characters in Pokémon. It serves as a transition between the weak Caterpie and majestic Butterfree. Move-wise, it can barely do anything but Harden, which increases its defense and extends a battle by ten minutes. Regardless, the bug always looked well-protected. This is probably why the company Bandai is selling a comfortable-looking Metapod cushion/pillow for gamers to sleep within.

Metapod protects us when we don’t want to face humanity

Here are some pictures of the protective gear:


Wow, you can fit an entire person inside of that thing! I would love to buy one and disappear inside just to hear my coworkers’ reactions during the next Zoom meeting.


No one will suspect a thing…

Consumers can pre-order the cushion from Japan starting today. It is selling for 35,000 yen, which is around $331. The product isn’t expected to start shipping until April 2021.

I’d love to get my hands on a Metapod pod. However, $331 isn’t cheap, and that isn’t even factoring in shipping outside Japan. Perhaps, once the pandemic is over, I’ll entertain the notion of buying the perfect representation of me on the weekends.

Enthusiasts, are you flipping out over this Metapod pod? Let us know below.

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