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Metroid Dread has been out for almost two weeks, so of course, speedrunners have found all kinds of time-saving exploits. Players have discovered a mixture of developer-intended sequence breaks and unintended, but useful, minor glitches. Today’s Metroid Dread guide falls into the latter category, as we’ll be showing you how to perform the Water Bomb Jump glitch. Put simply, it’s a quick, simple physics quirk that allows Samus to jump higher underwater than intended. This is useful in a variety of places, including as a means of getting early Ice Missiles.

Water Bomb Jump Glitch

To perform a Water Bomb Jump glitch, you’ll first need the Morph Ball and Bombs. These are both acquired early in the game, so it doesn’t take long to start experimenting with this exploit. In the video below, you can see me playing around with it in Burenia. It’s also one of the easier glitches to pull off, and it looks clean enough that a casual viewer probably won’t realize it’s unintended.

Submerge yourself in water, and find a ledge that’s just out of reach of your jumping abilities. Morph into a ball and place a bomb. When the bomb propels you upward, un-morph at the height of the jump. This is the setup phase, and it’s what causes the next bomb jump to go higher than usual.

Morph again, and this time jump in Morph Ball form and place a bomb at the height of your jump. Un-morph as you fall back down, and as soon as you hit the ground, quickly jump up and morph again. If you time it right, you should turn into a ball right on top of the bomb you placed just as it’s exploding. On the first few attempts in this footage, I morph just a little late. Do it right, and it will propel you upward, and due to the setup you did first, you’ll go higher than normal. Unmoprh one last time as you reach the ledge, and Samus should grab onto it.

Early Ice Missiles

metroid dread water bomb jump early ice missiles

The Water Bomb Jump glitch can be used to grab Ice Missiles a little early in Ghavoran. When you first arrive in Ghavoran, proceed normally. That means grabbing Super Missiles and using them to blast through some Super Missiles doors and take the train to Elun. In Elun, you’ll follow a largely linear path that takes you through a mini-boss fight, gives you Plasma Beam, and then sends you right back to Ghavoran.

At this point, the game wants you to explore around until you get Spin Boost, then use that to backtrack to go get Ice Missiles. This is where our route deviates. Once you’re back in Ghavoran and armed with the Plasma Beam, head into the EMMI zone. You should quickly come across a Plasma Beam door, which you can now open. This will lead you very temporarily out of the EMMI zone before you re-enter at a higher point. Continue up and to the left until you reach the point marked on the map above.

Instead of going up and to the right (the normal route), drop down into the deeper water. Walk over to the ledge on the left, and perform the Water Bomb Jump. Make sure to un-morph at the very end to grab onto the ledge and pull yourself up.

Now that you’ve made it out of the water, you’ll need to perform some more tricky jumps. The plants that serve as platforms will disappear after you jump on them, so you need to move fast, jumping from platform to platform before they give way. The Quetzoa enemy flying around can also be a pain, and if you hesitate, it will absolutely knock you down. Once you reach the top, the rest is easy. Head right through the EMMI zone, take out the Central Unit, and defeat the EMMI for Ice Missiles.

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