Metroid Dread Chozo civilization

The latest Metroid Dread Report is here, and it lays out seven core concepts that define the 2D Metroid series. The sixth entry on the list is the Chozo, the mysterious and powerful alien race that raised Samus. Past games have always been pretty stingy with the Chozo lore, and we usually only see their ruins. However, the Metroid Dread reveal trailer appeared to show a living Chozo, and that may just be the beginning of the implications for the civilization in Samus’s new adventure.

Chozo civilization in Metroid Dread

Here’s what the development team had to say in their latest update.

On planet ZDR, where the Metroid Dread game takes place, there are various implications to be discovered surrounding Chozo civilization, which might connect with the game’s story in some way.

Planet ZDR is absolutely covered in signs of Chozo civilization, but is it just another abandoned or extinct colony? I have my doubts! MercurySteam is handling development on Metroid Dread, after previously releasing Samus Returns. In that 3DS remake, they fleshed out the plot with new “Chozo Memories,” treating us to hints of lore. Based on what we’ve seen so far, I’m convinced those memories will play a huge role in Dread. You can read all about it by clicking here!


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