Metroid Dread speedrun guide early phantom cloak

Metroid Dread launched on Switch two weeks ago, and in that short time, speedrunners have uncovered all kinds of time-saving tricks. One popular exploit is known as Pseudo-Wave, as it lets you shoot through walls before collecting Wave Beam. We’ve previously covered how Pseudo-Wave can be used to skip the first EMMI encounter and the Drogyga boss fight. Today’s Metroid Dread speedrun guide also uses Pseudo-Wave. This time, we’ll be fighting Corpious and nabbing Phantom Cloak early, cutting out a ton of backtracking from the opening moments of the game.

A tricky Pseudo-Wave

Getting Phantom Cloak early requires a Pseudo-Wave that’s quite a bit tougher than the previous ones. It’s performed almost immediately after the EMMI skip, so consider that practice. When you reach the room shown in the video below, walk to the left side of the platform. You need to slide to the left, letting Samus’s legs dangle out over the ledge, then jump and flick the control stick back towards the upper-right, firing a blast.  The ultimate goal is to shoot through the ceiling, blowing up the wall tumor. Successfully done, it looks like this:

Don’t be discouraged if it’s taking you a long time. The timing is pretty difficult for this trick, and even speedrunners reset her at times. Fortunately, it’s quite early in the run. I find I have the most success when Samus’s head slides along the rock that’s just above the ledge.

Metroid Dread speedrun guide early phantom cloak

The frozen still above shows the position of Samus as I’m firing the winning shot. Once the wall tumor has been shot once, I find it’s a bit easier to land the second shot. It’s pretty normal for me to miss the first 10 shots or so, then land two in a row. Stick with it, and eventually, it will click. If you want to turn it into an actual timesaver for a speedrun, you’ll need to get it down with some consistency.

Getting Phantom Cloak early

Blowing up the ceiling here makes it so that you can go fight Corpious and get early Phantom Cloak right now. But I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s a tough fight without Charge Beam, and will ultimately lose you time. Instead, head up and to the left, into the EMMI zone. You’re not supposed to be able to go here yet, so the other side of the EMMI door is actually a closed, sliding magnet door. Because of this, you can slide through the EMMI door and then wall kick to reach the upper platform. This saves some time and gets you an early missile pack. Here’s what that looks like in motion:

From here onward, we’re just going to proceed like normal, following the largely linear path to Charge Beam. If you’re feeling especially spicy, you can let this EMMI catch you as soon as you enter the zone, then counter it. It will actually save some time, as it skips the scripted sequence where the EMMI looks around while you wait for the doors to unlock.

With Charge Beam in hand, head right all the way until the path looks around to the room where this speedrun guide started. This time, we’re going to go up and to the right. Do not go left, or you will die. The game only lets us clip through that magnet wall one time before it gets upset about it.

Head all the way to the right to fight Corpious. Keep in mind that you don’t have Spider Magnet, so you can’t cling to the wall to avoid acid on the ground. However, if you’re fast at this fight, Corpious will never even use the acid attack. With Corpious dead and early Phantom Cloak in hand, make your way up and to the right, through the long glass tunnel. Note that you can actually see Corpious in the background here, because it’s not supposed to be dead yet.

On the other side of the tunnel, drop down and head to the left. This is where the first geothermal power station is located, and activating it will open the lava-powered doors in the EMMI zone. With those open, you can head back to the EMMI zone, kill the Central Unit, and defeat the EMMI for Spider Magnet. This is much faster than the standard progression, provided you can land that tricky Pseudo-wave. As a bonus, here’s the fastest way to kill this EMMI:

Metroid Dread speedrun guides

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