Metroidvania-styled adventure Airhead is coming to Nintendo Switch

HandyGames Octato Airhead nintendo switch

Airhead, an upcoming Metroidvania-styled adventure game, is coming to Nintendo Switch. The game is currently being developed by the small team at Octato, with support from HandyGames. At the moment, the game simply has a release window of 2021. The team should narrow that down somewhat towards the end of the year, though.

In Airhead, players take on the role of Body. Sadly for him, he witnesses the moment that his friend Head is mercilessly separated from the air-pumping heart that’s been keeping him alive. Now it’s up to Body to find air tanks around the world to keep Head alive and inflated. Along your journey, you’ll discover the connection between his now stolen heart and the littered technology in this dystopian world.

Octato and HandyGames seem very pleased to work with each other. Octato’s CEO and Producer, Jacob Honore, stated, “We are incredibly happy to become a part of the HandyGames family”. Likewise, HandyGames’ Producer Reinhard Döpfer said the following when asked about the new partnership: “I’m very happy to support Octato on this awesome exploration platformer, that will deliver an incredible atmosphere with constant challenges and a very unique companionship between a body and his head.”

We’ll keep you updated with more news on Airhead for Nintendo Switch as we hear more.


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