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We’ve covered Twitter user @WillowCreativ3 / Willow Creative before because she made a really awesome custom Mewtwo capsule. But this time around, Willow has achieved something a lot more impressive in the Pokémon sphere. She’s finished a long project of creating a huge Mewtwo cosplay that comes complete with glowing eyes and a swaying tail! And the costume is utterly faithful to the creature’s unique proportions… which is my nice way of saying that Mewtwo is THICC. Admire the awkward yet hypnotic gyrations of this Mewtwo cosplay in action.

Till now, Willow had posted countless progress updates to her Mewtwo cosplay on Twitter, reflecting how making something of this quality isn’t something that can be accomplished in a lazy weekend.

I have no aptitude for this sort of thing, so I can’t imagine how much work it was. I can only imagine it was a lot. Nonetheless, she is now fully prepared to unleash psychic attacks on her enemies and get revenge for every injustice she has ever suffered. (I assume that’s the reason somebody would make a Pokémon cosplay like this?)

What do you make of this Mewtwo cosplay from Willow Creative? What other Pokémon cosplay would you like to see so lovingly rendered by fans?


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