Midwest Gaming Classic Bovinium Quest new NES cart

The Midwest Gaming Classic has been a celebration of gamers for many years. There are areas to meet some notable people within nerd culture and icons of the video game industry. The convention, which started as a celebration of the Atari Jaguar, has since grown to encompass many things. But the one thing that it still represents is classic gaming, hence the name. To further honor that, the convention will have an actual playable NES cartridge for top-tier badge holders.

Bovinium Quest

The NES cart in question is for Bovinium Quest, a game that was created specifically for the show. The game features the story of a boy and his cow, Monroe. The cartridge itself has not been fully revealed; however, a teaser for the game has now launched. It also has UFOs, so this might be the time to don your MUFON attire and start hunting.

You shall not pass

To get the limited edition game, you’ll have to crack open ye old wallet in order to claim it as your own. Bovinium Quest is available to those people who purchase the Very Important Gamer (VIG) ticket for the event. This enables you to preview the show on April 12, nab some Rampage-themed swag, and, of course, get the playable cart. The price for the VIG pass will run you $175. This also gains you entrance to the official afterparty for the show on Sunday night.

Hang out with us at the show!

Brett Medlock and Greg Bargas from Nintendo Enthusiast will be attending the Midwest Gaming Classic 2019 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on April 12, 13, and 14. We will be hosting a panel at the show and would love for you to come out! At the show, we will be giving away an NES Classic and a Satisfye Switch Grip Pro thanks to Satisfye.

For ticket information regarding the event, click here.

Full disclosure: This post is not sponsored by the Midwest Gaming Classic.

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