Last month, Nintendo shut the doors on its Miiverse social network service. The closure of Miiverse was met with a lot of sad responses from fans, but Nintendo had considered Miiverse to be a liability from a business standpoint. Many Wii U titles (and also some 3DS games) had native functionality for the service built right in. Hence, Miiverse’s closure rendered that functionality useless. It’s had a negative effect on one piece of software in particular: Art Academy: Home Studio on Wii U.

This drawing application allowed users to post their creations to Miiverse without having to Switch apps. Now that Miiverse is closed, this feature is not only unavailable, but it has also caused a glitch. Users have found that the app would freeze after nearly an hour of drawing due to the automatically software cropping the photo to be posted to Miiverse. Nintendo has offered a solution for this problem by telling users to disable the ‘Remove posting/browsing’ option in the ‘Use Miiverse Settings’ menu of Art Academy. 

So far, this is the first reported game to have been negatively affected by Miiverse’s closure. There could be more, but major reports have not yet surfaced. Miiverse still lives on in a very weird way by means of its little icon remaining on Wii U and 3DS HOME screens everywhere. Tapping on it results in an error message since the servers have been completely shut down.

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A.K Rahming
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