As if words couldn\’t express enough how enthralled Wii U owners are with their Miiverse experience they will be even more excited to know they can take their little community on the go very soon.  According to Producer Kiyoshi Mizuki, Miiverse is coming to smartphones and PC by May 2013.

Polygon stated that Mizuki made the announcement at the Game Developers Conference and that it will provide some of the basics of Mii functionality such as leaving comments, drawing masterpiece works of art depicting classic Nintendo characters such as Waluigi (what?!!), and viewing and engaging with communities like a mean child poking a long stick into an ant hill and making the ants angry.

For the time being, however, 3DS owners are out of luck but there is a 3DS version being worked on with no clear release date.  The downside to having Miiverse on the 3DS is that the owner will have existing games and apps that won\’t be compatible.

What do you think of this new development? Is Miiverse something you would want to take with you or rather something you would want to leave at home? Leave a comment here on Nintendo Enthusiast.

Source: [Polygon]


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