Nintendo’s Wii U social networking feature, Miiverse saw a fairly substantial update today that’s going to increase user activity on the service. The new features are available both in desktop browsers as well as in the mobile browser version of the service.

  • You can now create a text only post from your desktop or mobile browser.

  • You can now follow and unfollow users from their profile page.

  • You can now delete a post from your desktop or mobile browser.

  • You also now have the option to edit your profile from the browser version.

  • A special “Announcement Community” label indicates which communities you follow that are for Nintendo announcements.

There is still no option to post drawings or images from the browser version of Miiverse, but smart money says that we’ll see that feature coming soon. There’s also still no notification system in place for the browser version, but that’s likely a feature that will have to wait for mobile apps to be released.

I’ve also seen reports on Twitter that wait times between posts have been reduced from 5 to 3 minutes, but unlike the other features I’ve not tried that one personally.

What are you waiting for? Fire up your browser and head to Miiverse to check the changes out for yourself.



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