The Wii U social phenomenon of Facebook meets Swapnote, known as Miiverse, is now online for both computers and mobile devices. While we\’re still waiting on a Miiverse app to appear on the Android App store and the Apple App store, Miiverse on the web is also full optimized for mobile phones. In case you have been still playing your Wii, Miiverse on Wii U allows users to draw sketches, share game play hints, message friends, and just browse through many of the forums available some of which cover a specific game or genre.


Currently, the web version of Miiverse is in its beta infancy stage and a lot of the functions that are usable on the Wii U aren\’t working quite yet.  Nintendo did acknowledge they are aware of it and also noted that some devices may not even be able to access Miiverse.  It would appear that currently the only thing that people can do right now via PC or mobile device is just browse posts, \”yeah\” posts, and comment on posts.


The only way to access Miiverse on the web is by using your own Nintendo Network ID login that you create on the Wii U. Perhaps, in the near future, Nintendo will allow you to reserve your NNID (for a limited time) before one purchases their Wii U. Nintendo hasn\’t said anything about when the kinks would be worked out to make Miiverse run more smoothly, but stay tuned as Nintendo Enthusiast will keep you updated.


You can access Miiverse here: https://miiverse.nintendo.net


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