Mike Tyson wants to make his own Punch-Out!! game through Tyson Ranch

In an interview with Shacknews, Mike Tyson has revealed that he hopes to start up his very own Punch-Out!! game. The game would be made by Tyson Ranch, a licensing and branding company owned by Tyson.

Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! originally released on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987, featuring the eponymous Tyson as its final boss. However, Nintendo’s license to include Mike Tyson as a character eventually expired. Beginning in 1990, new releases of the game featured the fictional Mr. Dream as the final boss instead.

Tyson has had no involvement with the Punch-Out!! series since 1990. We’ve also had no new games in the series since the Wii installment came out in 2009. And while the NES version has returned via Nintendo Switch Online, it features Mr. Dream instead of Tyson (a fact that Tyson himself has previously mocked). But with this new venture, Mike Tyson may finally look to reunite his brand with the classic boxing game style.

“We’re going to start our own Punch-Out!! game, and our own Tyson Ranch computer game, and bring it back to life,” Tyson said in his interview with Shacknews CEO and editor-in-chief Asif Khan. “Bring back Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!

The return of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!?

It is unclear how Tyson Ranch would go about developing a new Punch-Out!! game. The company currently only works in branding for companies that sell cannabis. Shifting to video game development would be an interesting turn for Tyson Ranch, to say the least.

Mike Tyson would also undoubtedly butt heads with Nintendo over the release of his own Punch-Out!! title. Nintendo is no stranger to shutting down projects that borrow from its intellectual properties. Of course, Nintendo could not claim total ownership over just any boxing video game. So long as he keeps the Punch-Out!! name out of it, who knows what Tyson could accomplish?

Mike Tyson also revealed in the interview that he has still yet to defeat the final boss of his own Punch-Out!! game. So if he does go through with creating this new video game, we can probably expect an easier final fight.

Would you be excited to see Mike Tyson return in a new Punch-Out!! game? Do you think Tyson Ranch can pull it off, or would you like to see a new title directly from Nintendo? Let us know in the comments or on our social media!

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