Minecraft Dungeons launch trailer celebrates the game’s release

minecraft dungeons launch trailer mojang studios nintendo switch

The Minecraft Dungeons launch trailer released today to celebrate the fact that the game can now finally be downloaded to your Nintendo Switch. While this is a spin-off from the standard Minecraft experience from Mojang Studios, it doesn’t appear to be without its charm and may even be slightly more appealing to action RPG fans.

As the Minecraft Dungeons launch trailer above shows, this is not a game about mining, crafting, and surviving a zombie onslaught each night. It’s an action RPG that gives you a dungeon to run through, and that’s about it. By defeating enemies and searching chests you’ll earn loot, which can be equipped to create a much more powerful character. It’s possible to team up with friends and raid dungeons as a group, making short work of the bosses and harder enemies you might encounter along the way.

The core gameplay loop is replaying those dungeons to get as much great loot as you can. At the moment there’s just one story to work through, but Mojang Studios has expressed plans to produce further content.

Check out our review of Minecraft Dungeons for deeper details on what to expect from this game. Suffice to say, we enjoyed it!


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