Minecraft Dungeons lore gets discussed in latest developer diary


In their latest video diary, Minecraft Dungeons lore is discussed by the game’s developers. The game is a top-down dungeon crawler spin-off of Minecraft, a game that millions of people play each day. Since the game relies less on the building and crafting aspects of the series, it needs more substance and a hook. This is where lore plays into the game, but it’s not something that anyone can just add in to a game like Minecraft.

Delving into Minecraft Dungeons lore

The story of Minecraft Dungeons is described as “not super complex” by the developers. They think its villain, the Arch-Illager, could be the “emotional core” of the game though. “He became the Arch-Illager when he obtained the power of the Orb of Dominance,” they explained, “but before that, he was a misfit Illager who couldn’t fit in a normal Illager society and found this power within a mountain.”

Within this video the developers explain that the ending of Minecraft Dungeons sets players up for the next story arc, so there could be a great amount of additional content in the game’s future.

Minecraft Dungeons is set to release for Nintendo Switch next month. Although, there is perhaps a minor possibility that the game could be delayed due to Microsoft teams working remotely from home and making do with new circumstances.


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