Minecraft Mass Effect Mash-Up Pack has blasted onto Switch


In 2014 the Minecraft Mass Effect Mash-Up Pack was released. Mojang launched platform-specific versions of the pack. This meant that many creations were never seen by the wider community. However, now Microsoft has brought the pack to the Minecraft Marketplace for Xbox One, PC, iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Yes, Commander Shepard

The Minecraft Mass Effect Mash-Up Pack costs 990 Minecoins (around $6). In it you can find new content based on BioWare’s beloved Mass Effect series. Included in the pack are 38 character skins, brand new textures inspired by the Mass Effect universe, themed menus, a compilation of the Mass Effect 3 soundtrack, and even a new world featuring a Mars Base Camp.

If you’ve never played a Mass Effect game, then this pack is probably lost on you. For those who have experienced the epic space opera, this is the best way to make the right ending for Mass Effect 3. Wii U saw the third entry in the Mass Effect series, the one with an ending that all fans despised. While BioWare did eventually correct this blunder with DLC, there are still plenty of potential stories from this universe that need telling. This new Minecraft pack is the way to tell those stories.


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