Minecraft Pac-Man is here with level-building and ghostly mazes


Minecraft Pac-Man is a thing and has just launched today. You’d be forgiven for thinking that this is a fan-made level, but it’s actually a full new game pack for Minecraft from developer Gamemode One. The developer has released other game packs for Minecraft in the past, including Home Redecorating, Advanced Farming, Into the Dungeons, and Advanced Mining.

The pack does way more than give you a single Pac-Man level to work with. There are 10 challenging stages that come already built and ready to run around from a new first-person perspective. The game pack even includes a plethora of new textures and materials to work with. You can also build your own Pac-Man levels to run through yourself or challenge friends with, in addition to building an entire city with Pac-Man-inspired buildings, streets, and more. Additionally, you can set high scores on an in-game arcade machine.

If Pac-Man had his own universe and we could walk around cities designed by his people, they would look like the buildings in this new game pack. Many players have built Pac-Man Minecraft levels in the past, but this pack is something completely different. There are even a bunch of new skins for you to try out, each one presenting you with a brand new version of the great Pac-Man himself.

You can add the pack to your game now.

Jamie Sharp
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