Miyamoto… an FPS??? Maybe not so much

by Mark Loughlin (Weeman)

Well I heard yesterday that Miyamoto is commenting again about the possibility of him making a FPS for Nintendo. Maybe not the actual possibility but his wants or inner thoughts lingering; this just leaves me with a bit of a confused opinion in my own head.


No doubt that Miyamoto would be highly capable of making such a game, he could take the style of game in a whole new direction with different levels of detail and thought in the content of the game. I just suffer from a lingering thought myself that this could be the undoing of his career. Nintendo might not have the same opinion of many from the gaming community about Wii Music, but the overall consensus is that it was the lowest point of his career for titles that he helmed. In the comments I read today he talked about his aim wouldn’t be so much on guns and how powerful they are at killing your opponent, but it would be what gun has what affect on your opponent and what situation would be best to use it. The only real example that this made me think of is in Dead Space how all the guns have a main fire and alternate fire mode, with some of the guns having lasers that slice etc basically the different ways in which the guns can be used to dismember the necromorph.

Maybe I just am not giving the man the amount of credit that he is due, but for this idea to be very successful I would seriously give thought to hiring a western developer to help on this project. No doubt Retro Studios would be great for this project, but I believe it’s about time that they were given free reign and allowed to follow their own idea for a change and not always developing someone else’s idea under their guidance. I would go as far to say that if Miyamoto went to a 3rd party developer and worked directly with them in making a vision of his own come true on the system of choice, IP fully retained by Nintendo. Key choices for this could be Id, People Can Fly, Epic, EA (through the use of Respawn, maybe?) or Bungie, some organisation that has deep roots in the FPS genre that know how to get things running and can adapt the ideas that Miyamoto has into the realm of a FPS. This not only would deepen the 3rd party ties Nintendo would indeed be working on but could enhance the genre of FPS as a whole.


But it all boils down to will it work? Will Miyamoto make a FPS for the target demographic or will he make it a game that would be accessible to all patrons of Nintendo? If the latter is the truth, which has been the main priority of Nintendo over these past numerous years, to me it would be the downfall of the title. Max and the Mutant Mudds springs to mind that the original concept for it was a platforming 3rd person shooter, this was later changed to a three-dimensional side-scrolling platformer with shooting elements. It was originally a shooter that would be accessible to all ages, but for reasons unknown though I would speculate it to being quality, it was changed to a much better direction. Which leaves us with, would Miyamoto honestly make a gritty T or M rated FPS? What would it be like? My honest opinion in this matter tends to be the worst because I just cannot see it working, I’d like to hope for the best but that aint happening any time soon… I just can visualise this being another Wii Music under his belt.


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