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Shigeru Miyamoto’s kids dug Sega games back in the day, but that’s far from the only information to come out of the in-depth interview he recently gave The New Yorker. The creator of Mario, Donkey Kong, and so many other staples of Nintendo also explained what he’s busy with in his career right now. Among other things, Miyamoto is “very involved” with Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, and he is also involved in mobile game development.

“Recently, I’ve been very involved with Universal Studios in Osaka, planning the attractions that are going to be there and putting the final touches on the rides,” he said. “I’ve also been involved with making mobile games. Since I’m able to test and play these games easily at home, on the weekend, by Monday, I usually have a long list of things I want to try out and explore.”

Miyamoto of course hosted a spectacular 15-minute tour of Super Nintendo World recently, and it’s exciting to know that a person with such intimate and expansive knowledge of video games is working with Universal Studios to create the best theme park possible. Along those lines, he also shared the following about working on the park:

When you think about it, theme-park design is similar to video-game design, though it’s fully focussed on the hardware side. In one sense, I’m an amateur again. But as these rides become more interactive, that’s where our expertise will be put to good use. This mixing of our experience with new contexts might be one of the most interesting endeavors for my remaining years.

Meanwhile, it’s not as certain what Miyamoto is working on with regard to Nintendo mobile games. The company has a variety of mobile offerings at this point, such as Mario Kart Tour and Dragalia Lost, but whether Miyamoto is involved in them and/or unannounced projects is unclear.

What mobile games do you hope Shigeru Miyamoto is helping to develop right now, and what do you think of Super Nintendo World so far?


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