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Nintendo has been one of the biggest names in video games for decades, and for good reason. Everyone knows about their amazing software, like Mario and Zelda, but they also deserve credit for their contributions to controllers. As Shigeru Miyamoto explained at a recent shareholders meeting, Nintendo pioneered the D-pad, then brought the joystick to home console for the first time. These are now industry standards, but they were evolutionary at the time. When asked about gaming styles growing style, Miyamoto expressed a desire for another controller revolution.

Miyamoto wants a controller revolution

And, as of now, in terms of accuracy and reliability, I believe this style is the clear winner. At the same time, I also believe that we should quickly graduate from the current controller, and we are attempting all kinds of things. Our objective is to achieve an interface that surpasses the current controller, where what the player does is directly reflected on the screen, and the user can clearly feel the result.

This has not been achieved yet. We have tried all kinds of motion controllers, but none seem to work for all people. As the company that knows the most about controllers, we have been striving to create a controller that can be used with ease, and that will become the standard for the next generation.

Miyamoto identifies Nintendo as the company that knows the most about controllers. As such, it’s their duty to create a new standard for the industry. It’s unclear how involved he is personally. After the struggles of Wii U, Miyamoto stepped back from hardware development and let younger employees take on bigger roles. That said, he’s still a consultant for the company. And when Shigeru Miyamoto makes a suggestion, you definitely take it into consideration.

Nintendo has certainly shown a willingness to experiment with their controllers. Wii’s motion controls and Wii U’s tablet-like GamePad are perfect examples. But there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes. Nintendo hardware boss Ko Shiota further explained that there are many controller prototypes that were never revealed. Nintendo is always making something new, but they only show it off if they know it works well with their software. The ultimate goal is to create “an all-purpose controller that is unlike any of the current devices.” Start the revolution!

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