I’m sure the older gamers out there have fond memories of the original The Legend of Zelda. Hell, if you were an 80’s baby like yours truly, you also feel heavy nostalgia towards the very first DOOM. You probably never thought of mixing the two together, though. Unlike modder Exkodius, who created a mod in the DOOM engine to display Zelda as an FPS.

Adventure/FPS?! Madness!

How the hell did this mashup come to be? Let Exkodius explain:

The project began as a silly idea while me and my friend were playing Zelda on the good ol’ NES. We thought it would be really cool if you could run around in first person and look around Hyrule in all its 8-bit glory.

You and your bud may have created the greatest combination since peanut butter and chocolate, Exkodius.

Exkodius has been working on the mod for years. Take a look at some photos of the fruits of their labor below:



I have to be honest: This is exactly what I envisioned when I heard “Zelda FPS Mod.”

Unfortunately, Exkodius lamented they will never have the time to finish this undertaking. They did share their work with gamers online, though, so maybe a hero will step forward and finish what Exkodius started.

This mod looks very well done. If I had the time and computer skills, I’d attempt to finish this beast. Alas, a full-time job prevents me from completing such an endeavor. I hope someone with time on their hands completes the project one day. I’d love to see Link bombing some Dodongos in first-person.

Any of you fine folk impressed with the DOOM/Zelda mod? Interested in completing the project? Let us know any of your thoughts down in the comment field below!

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