A job listing for Monolith Productions has hinted that a future game of theirs could potentially release on a Nintendo console – or at least, go through Nintendo lot check. Now, Monolith Productions is not, as one might immediately presume, the same Monolith Soft that creates the Xenoblade Chronicles games. Rather, these guys most recently made the critically acclaimed Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. They have never released a game on a Nintendo system.

This new job listing hints that this could change, however. From a WB Games job listing for QA Manager:

Knowledge of certification standards for Microsoft (TCR compliance), Sony (TRC compliance), or Nintendo (Lot Check)

Could this be a hint that WB and Monolith is considering their next release on a Nintendo console? The most likely culprit being, of course, the NX? Obviously we shouldn’t jump to conclusions – but it’s an exciting thing to think about.



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