Monster Energy may have caused the Gods & Monsters name change

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Ubisoft’s Gods & Monsters name change to Immortals: Fenyx Rising was said to be central to the game’s vision. However, some legal documents have recently been discovered by TechRaptor that show that there could be a different cause. In an unlikely twist, it seems as though the beverage company Monster Energy might possibly be the reason for the Gods & Monsters name change.

The legal documents, brought to our attention by VGC, show that Monster Energy believed that a game called Gods & Monsters would damage its brand. The company cited its gaming website and games industry sponsorships as evidence of its involvement in games and how it could lead to brand confusion. These documents were filed in April, which is just a couple of months before Ubisoft mentioned that the game’s name would be changing. However, in May, Ubisoft did deny Monster’s claims.

This situation sounds crazy, and I completely agree with that sentiment. For one thing, the Monster Hunter franchise has seen no such action from Monster Energy. The first Monster Hunter game released in 2004, two years after the Monster Energy brand was established, and it hasn’t ever gone chasing Capcom. In any case, if this genuinely is the reason for the name change, Ubisoft evidently felt it wasn’t worth the time and money to fully combat the beverage company’s opposition.

What do you think? Are we never to see another game with the word “monster” in the title? Or is this a move that Monster Energy made to protect a potential name for upcoming products?

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