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Originally slated for May, Maple Powered Games has pushed Monster Harvest back to a new release date of July 8, promising to use the extra time to polish the game and add a few new features. Additionally, the planned physical versions of the game will now release on July 20 in North America and July 23 in Europe.

With its unique mix of farming simulation and monster collectingMonster Harvest challenges players to grow and mutate crops to create powerful monsters and then lead them into battle. It’s an interesting take on a genre that has been dominated by the likes of Pokémon for far too long, and the developers at Maple Powered Games are thankfully taking all of the time they need to ensure that they stick the landing.

With a bit more time to spruce up the game, the devs have promised a host of new features to make the game as nice to play as possible. This includes a dungeon minimap, some new rare dungeon rooms, new unlockable attacks, additional crop variations, an overhaul of NPCs and relationships within the game, expanded farm sizes, a female character model, and better structure to goals and rewards. While having to wait for the later release date is tough, Monster Harvest is shaping up to play a lot nicer right out of the box.

You’ve probably heard the famous Shigeru Miyamoto quote on delayed games about a bajillion times now, so I won’t repeat it, but with its new release date, Monster Harvest will hopefully be able to launch as a more polished, cohesive experience. While it’s too bad that we’ll have to wait a few extra weeks to finally get our hands on it, the wait will hopefully be worth it.

Are you planning on picking up Monster Harvest when it comes out in July? How do you feel about it being delayed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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