Monster Harvest Nintendo Switch release date May 13 Merge Games Maple Powered Games Pokémon monster collecting farm sim Stardew Valley Story of Seasons

Publisher Merge Games and developer Maple Powered Games have announced a May 13, 2021 release date for Monster Harvest on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam, and it will arrive on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 3. Occurring at Planimal Point, the game essentially combines the monster collecting of Pokémon with the farming mechanics of the likes of Story of Seasons and Stardew Valley. You can build and customize your own farm and home, including making your own furniture. Then you can feed your Planimals, which are “loyal mutated crops,” jams and crops to make them battle-ready. Planimals will help you fight “the evil SlimeCo.”

Monster Harvest contains three seasons — dry, wet, and dark — that will apparently affect various facets of the gameplay. Farming will further differentiate itself in this game with “magical slimes to mutate the crops you grow.” The graphics meanwhile remind me of The Survivalists, offering pop-up-ish pixel art.

I haven’t played Pokémon in nearly 15 years and have even less interest than that in farm sims, so I’m definitely the opposite of the target audience for this one. But considering the millions of fans each one has, Monster Harvest has a chance of selling oodles of copies on Switch if it can bring the same level of quality provided by its inspirations.

Are you intrigued to give Monster Harvest a shot on Switch come its release date in May?


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