Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has been impressing fans and critics alike, by offering an awesome experience of hunting large beasts on the 3DS. Capcom has promised DLC for the game, and today it was revealed the first batch would hit on March 6th. The best part about the DLC? It’s free! So what all does it add to Monster Hunter Ultimate 4?

The much-anticipated Link armor set will be added to the game, which also includes the sword and shield and bow and arrow weapon combination. A new episode quest, Clockwork Contraption, has also been added. Also, Emperor’s Speech weapons, based on a collaboration with Universal Studios of Japan, will also be added to the game as well.

As stated earlier, all of this content is absolutely free to add to your game of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Are you excited to try out the new additions? Let us know in the comments below.

Shawn Long
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