If you thought the Monster Hunter x Sonic The Hedgehog crossover was bizarre, wait until you watch the trailer below. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate shows off Isabelle and Mr. Resetti costumes for your Felynes! I don\’t believe the costume will have an argument with you if you forget to save before powering down though.

These aren\’t just aesthetic changes though, both Isabelle and Mr. Resetti lend their voices too, so players have the full Animal Crossing experience. An additional guild card is also available. It’s unknown whether this will arrive outside of Japan, as well as the Sonic collaboration, but it’s safe to bet it will.

While Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate won\’t be out stateside until early next year, are there any other dream collaborations you wish to happen in the game? Let us know down below in the comments. Don\’t forget to check out the trailer either, so you can see this collaboration in its up most glory.



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